Why Choose Me?

While working for Protein Projekt, a then E-Commerce Start-Up, I generated their Instagram account 15.000 new (organic!) followers which consequently gained them more clients for their online-shop. I can achieve similar results for you!

I am experienced in working with high-ranked influencers (e.g. @vanezia_blum, @julesvogel and @flooorrriii) and the acquisition of such.

Also, I have successfully finished my Bachelor Degree in “Intermedia” at the University of Cologne, mastered the Google course on Online Marketing and am currently working in the Social Media team for one of the biggest TV broadcasters in Europe.

Google Zukunftswerkstatt Zertifikat

If you’ve realized that you want to hop on the Online Marketing train (which you should!) but you don’t know how or where to start – I’m your girl!

If you already started using different Online Marketing methods and/or your website to market your brand, but it hasn’t quite paid off the way you were hoping for – also shoot me a message – I’m sure we can fix that as well!