Social Media Workshops

Social Media Marketing can seem quite complex and overwhelming. Getting in favor of the ever-changing algorithm, working with influencers, creating content while entertaining a community – there are tons of options and it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of opportunities.

If you feel overwhelmed by the topic of Social Media or want your team to learn all about it, I am more than happy to come to you and hold a Social Media workshop. Obviously, the focus of the workshop can be discussed and adapted to your specific needs.

Social Media is not a “one size fits all”. Consequently, my workshops are individualized as well.

While the overall system has its way of working, every business and every team has different needs. Listening to them and offering customized solutions is what I am all about.

I would love to tell you now what you can exactly expect from my workshop, but since they are so individual that I would just make false promises or show limited options to what’s actually possible.

What you can definitely expect from me hosting a Social Media workshop at your company, though, is:

  • in-depth knowledge around what works on Social Media and what doesn’t
  • great passion for helping businesses grow through the power of Social Media
  • an understanding of the individual needs of a business
  • a passion for teaching things in an entertaining, yet educating manner

I only work with companies I truly feel like I can help. Not taking a 20k+ deal because I felt like it wasn’t a good fit is something I have done in the past and will do again if needed. So IF we work together, I believe that we can actually make a change and that’s the excitement and energy you can expect from me.

Sounds like a good deal? It is.

So if you are interested in me holding a Social Media workshop for your team/company – Contact me so that we can chat about the details!