Why Social Media Won’t Grow Your Business

Some people love it, some people hate it. Social Media has become a very popular way to communicate and by now most people know that you can even make money with it.

From personal experience I know that it is possible to generate the main source of income just through strategic Social Media Marketing. The word “strategic” is everything here.

Thinking that simply being on Social Media is going to do any good for a company is like believing that you can lose a lot of weight by swallowing a “weightloss pill”.

It’s never that simple. It’s always about the work you put in and how much knowledge you have on a topic.

Social Media itself is not going to do anything for you. It doesn’t create a strategy for you, it doesn’t create content for you, it doesn’t communicate with your audience or even build an audience. And it will by no means generate sales for you. Social Media itself does nothing but exist.

Therefore it is all about what you do with it, how you use it.

There is nothing wrong with only using Social Media to post about the fun you had at the Christmas party at the office or inviting people to look “Behind the Scenes”. However there is also not much right about it, either. Posting random photos and texts, you are missing out on the huge potential that Social Media has.

Which questions should you ask yourself when you want to succeed on Social Media?

Take your business objectives into consideration.

  • Why are you interested in using Social Media for your business?
  • Are you hoping to make more sales?
  • To present yourself as a great employer?
  • Or maybe just give additional info regarding your product?

There are endless ways to use Instagram, Facebook etc.!

Figure out what you want from Social Media, educate yourself on how you can achieve that or hire someone to help you (I can!) and then strategically use Social Media for your needs.

Use it after thinking, after asking yourself questions because random posts and Social Media itself is not going to do anything for you.

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