Social Media Marketing is People2People Marketing. Not B2C.

Social Media Marketing is all over the place. It feels like everyone is hiring a Social Media Manager nowadays. Everyone. And it’s not a bad thing I think. However, I keep seeing companies treating Social Media Marketing like any other kind of Marketing – which results in no results, or rather not the results those companies are hoping for (BTW don’t hope for results – create results ;). Why is that?

Social Media Marketing is from people to people. From human to human. It’s not business to customer.

Obviously there are different ways of using Social Media for Marketing. One of those ways is the so-called Influencer Marketing (which is SO powerful by the way and not enough companies are creatively jumping into that!). Influencer Marketing is basically Referral Marketing. A person with a large following on Social Media platforms uses a product, gets excited about it (or simply paid for it) and shares it with his/her audience.

One can clearly see it here: Person (the influencer) advertises a product to another person (the follower). That is how Social Media Marketing generally works.

Social Media is personal.

People use it in their free-time (although many get so obsessed with it that they even use it during work…). They don’t love it because it is full of advertisement, but because it creates the feeling of a personal connection. If one takes a close look on the accounts of very successful Influencers, it is obvious that they share a friendship-like¬†relationship to their followers. Through that the following is more likely to purchase a product through the influencer’s referral – just like we are more likely to buy something a close friend recommended than something the company advertises as “the best”.

Social Media Marketing is surely not just Influencer Marketing, but “referral-thing” applies to all forms of marketing on Social Media.

“How can I serve my client and build a meaningful connection so that he trusts in my product and buys it?”

This is the question you should ask yourself if you want to use Social Media for selling a product. Never ask: “How can I sell my product to my ideal client?”. Always focus on building relationships and giving value, rather than making money (I guess that applies to any business, not just Social Media).

Nowadays Social Media is a whole sales platform in some way, but unlike the TV commercials that we all love to skip, we actually click on Instagram, Facebook etc.! And I’m purposely using the word “we” here because that is the whole point – we are all using Social Media. Social Media is all about the “us” and the “we”. It’s about seeing each other on eye height.

So even though a person is your (future) customer, think of them as a person, not a client. With that, they will change from person to client.

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