Hi I’m Christina!

I am a Social Media enthusiast and -native. Instagram is not my living room, but my office.

I am very bad in maths, but I have a great sense of direction. I am very sensible which is exhausting at times, but often gives me a chance to see and experience my environment on another level. It allows me to pay attention to small details and understanding my counterpart.

I am an artist…

…so my head tends to get a little messy which is why I like to keep my surroundings neat and clean. It has also taught me to be extremely organized since if I did not excessively use apps like Evernote I’d go crazy.

I am obsessed with animals…

…especially dogs. My dog Gandalf is my favorite model. Also, I love to travel. Seeing new countries and people has enriched my life in many ways and I think a lot of my work has been inspired by past travels.

Well, enough rambling… (I ramble a lot. I talk a lot. Saying my thoughts out loud helps me organize my brain and is usually a main source of my creative works).

I am a Bachelor of Arts.

I studied “Intermedia” at the University of Cologne in Germany. It is a mixture of digital culture and communication. I specialized in Media Pedagogy as I love to understand human interaction not just with each other but with technology as well.

I like simple designs and ways of communicating visions.

I believe many processes in life can and should be simplified – which is why I’m here to offer you some badass help with your online presence.

Also, in my opinion empathy and education are the main ingredients for a fulfilled life – in both personal and in business aspects.

And if you’ve read until here: Congrats. And a big THANK YOU. People don’t seem to like to read a lot these days so yeah, appreciate it. Contact me if you’d like to get in touch and discuss ideas.